Thursday, October 9, 2008

In honor of Ella Marie's PINK SLIP!

This week's pick is in honor of getting Ella's PINK slip.

There will be 3 outfits for October 9- October 20, 2008!!!

Pink Tie Dye Flower Outfit

we bought this outfit for Ella and her big sister, 6 years old. Ella will be wearing PINK in Guatemala in honor of her coming home!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Pink and Brown Paisley Outfit

in honor of Ella's PINK SLIP

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Orange and Pink Outfit (big girl sizes only!)

this outfit is in honor of the Orange slip that means Ella's DNA test was done 10/3 and the pink is for the pink slip which tells us the date of the Embassy appointment

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Nikki said...

Aww- love the pink tie dye outfit- cute!

Her blog is but I had taken the link off because she was unhappy with the design and decided to go with a differnet designer.